About Us 

Hoffman Transcription is a family owned and operated business established in 1980 in a suburb south of
Boston, Massachusetts. Sheila Ellis-Hoffman began the company as the sole transcriptionist at that time and has
grown the business over this time into a national transcription provider with more than forty professionals. Our
goals have always been simple and continue to be providing professional transcription services accurately and
expediently while remaining cost efficient.

Sheila Hoffman, President of Hoffman Transcription, has extensive experience in the medical and legal fields
having been involved in various capacities in these fields since 1967. She has worked in administration in several
large inpatient facilities in Boston as well as managed several outpatient clinical settings. While raising her
special needs daughter, it was important for Sheila to be available to her family at all times, yet still maintain the
love she had for medicine, law and transcription in general. She chose to work from home and watched her
business grow from four to six providers to over 600. She was the only employee for three years and gradually
brought on more contractors to assist her.

She continued her dedication in maintaining the excellent quality and commitment in meeting the needs of all
her clients. Her dedication is unwavering. Each client is treated as though they are the only one and she
continues to maintain one-on-one contact with each provider to meet their individual needs. She is always there
for her staff, providers and her family. This truly is a total commitment for Ms. Hoffman.

We want you to receive the services you need and expect. To accomplish this, a representative is assigned to
work closely with you to ensure personalized first class customer service.

Project Initiation

We provide transcription services via the following methods:

Secure ftp system for our clients to upload new files.
Privately owned call in recording system accessed via a toll free phone number
Document transmission via email
Document transmission via fax

Once your project has been received, our professional transcription team begins work immediately. Our team
provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to maintain a consistent, accurate and fast
turn-around time.

Quality Control

Our quality assurance team has implemented a strong quality assurance program to ensure the accuracy of all
transcriptions. Once a project has been processed by our transcriptionists, it is then moved to our quality team.
Here the project is reviewed to ensure a 99% accuracy rate on each item.  

Our independent contractors are only the most qualified and experienced transcription professionals worldwide.
A policy is followed where all workers must possess a minimum two years of experience working as
transcriptionists or editors. All staff must adhere to a 99% error free rate.

Hoffman Transcription adheres to the strictest standards from our rigorous hiring process to our prompt
delivery of the finished product.

Privacy and security

At Hoffman Transcription we understand how important confidentiality is. We treat your projectís content with
the respect, dignity, and confidentiality that it deserves. We are fully dedicated to doing our part in delivering
quality patient care. All staff are required to sign statements of confidentiality that protects against any possible
risk hazards. Further, we are insured with sufficient professional liability insurance and abide by all changing
HIPAA codes. Staff are required to attend at least a once a year up-to-date HIPAA training. Our systems are
100% HIPAA compliant.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our organization. We look forward to the opportunity to
provide the same high level of service that we provide to every client.
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We allow you more time with "hands-on" care of clients... and less time sifting through paperwork.
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